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We were featured on HTV News as a site that school kids would 'definitely' use!.

The Times voted us 'Best Homework and educational site in Britian'.

SchoolZone rated us in their July 99 best sites. Check out the article here.

The Independent featured us in their Education Section on 4th Nov 99. Read the Article on-line.

Internet Monthly places us on their top ten educational sites in the UK!

Awards and Special Mentions

NGfL - HomeWork Elephant is an approved National Grid for Learning site. have featured us as one of their 'elite' sites featured at the Internet for Kids home page (under the HomeWork Help section). This is a worldwide recognition to the contribution made by HomeWork Elephant. Thanks Guys - keep up the good work.

We have a School Zone award.

The Scottish Primary School Page has made us their link of the month for November 99.

We have been placed as a top educational site by Thanks guys.

And again - a pick of the web site on the front page of the new ISP for Wales They keep a welcome in this hillside any day!

The uksearcher team visited the web site and were very impressed with the overall design and content on our pages. The offered their praise by granting us our very special award. - Award 

Quatec Website Design Award

"Your site was reviewed for originality, usefulness of information, graphic design, and was found to add an outstanding artistic flair, careful and concise design, and a wealth of information. Your site only enhances the originality of our Internet community. Job well done!"

The Daily Cool Site placed us as a daily cool site and awarded us a Cool Site Daily Award.

Your Comments

Above everything else we welcome and appreciate your comments. Here are a few examples...

David Ashley, Deputy Head of Shevington school says..

"We remain very impressed with the materials on your web site which have been of great use"

Sarah Osgood says...

"If ever I need help I shall always come to your homework Web-site"

Jessie Hill says ...

"I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your site! keep up the FANTASTIC work"

Anita (a teacher) says...

"I'm sure I will be a regular visitor to the site"

Ian Whyte says...

"I only wish there were more like you out there that were willing to help without costing a fortune!!"

Our Statistics

As you can see we started out small - but with a quality site and great resources - we aim to be the best homework Help site in the UK, and the world!

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