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Language Translation
Maps - UK/World
Bits and Bobs

Revise IT setup to assist with revision at GCSE and A level. You have to register but its free and easy.

Bibliomania - Excellent reference resource - contains books on line, dictionaries, study guides, teachers resources and lots more.

Get the correct definition and cross-referenced help from

Visit XREFER.COM - a site which has cross referenced a dictionaly, thesaurus, encyclopedia and other reference books. Type in any word and get its meaning, an encylopedia reference and synonyms. Did you know that 'elephants trunk' is rhyming slang for 'british drunk'? Well this site told me all...

Help with symbols - an online symbol dictionary which includes pictures and information as to the meaning and origins of signs and symbols.

More dictionary help from Web of On-line Dictionaries

Need to find another word that means the same as something else? You need to select, click, press, surf, link to the online Thesaurus.

Need to check out your language translation - see what the Alta Vista babelfish translation service can do for you.

Funk and Wagnalls - What a great name - an online encylopedia. You have to register but its free.

PC Webopedia - an encyclopaedia dedicated to IT and computer subjects.

Infoplease - Just enter the subject,type a question or keyword and find out fun facts about everything from history through to fashion and the environment. Passed onto us by Rachel - thanks Rachel

UK Maps from streetmap - works on postcode, placename, map reference. London is provided with detailed maps - elsewhere gets a large (but usable) scale.

World Maps from multimap - similar to streetmap, but you can ask for a map from across the world. Quite comprehensive.

Famous quotes - find out who said what.

Convert any thing to anything - if it can be measured it can be converted. A difficult site to understand but worth persevering.

Design a banner or Logo - without the need for expensive tools, enter your text, choose design styles and watch the text come alive! Very COOL site!

The Discovery Channel has many articles on up-to-date scientific topics. Good for projects, or just browsing.

Free clip art for inclusion in your homework assignments

Doring Kindersley have opened up their websites for free access. All material is free for academic/educational use. Get some great pics for projects!

ArtiFAQ 21OO is designed to predict how art will influence our lives in the next hundred years. Through probing past Art inspirations and scientific methods students can use available data to make reasonable forecasts for the future. Solving our challenging quizzes will give you the key to the Future Art Gallery.

Tutors 4 You finds you a tutor in the UK in a subject of your choice from primary to A level.

Create your own banner - for your school site - or for your own home pages. Did we say that its animated as well - yes!


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Parents WebSite

the DFEE website for parents. Includes sections for inside and outside of school. Well worth a visit.

Ofsted's Site

Find out how your school did in the Ofsted reports (requires adobe acrobat)

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