If you know the subject area that you are looking for you can go straight to the topic of your choice.

Maths - Check out sites on Algebra, Calculus, Trig and Geometry. Plentry of sites for the younger mathmetician - active maths sites with games and activities.

English Language - Find sites to help you with essay writing, grammar, and the finer points of the English Language.

English Literature - Poetry, set books, authors, biographies, plays, shakespear, plus help in other areas

Foreign languages - Mainly French and German but with interesting links for the budding linguist.

Science - Physics, Chemistry, Biology. There are some great reference sites plus interactive science sites to inform and revise (and just have fun).

Geography - Earthquakes, tidal waves, geology, rivers, erosion, weather, maps, anything to do with Geography.

History - one of our most favourite areas. Check up on almost any time, or era from King Alfred to Henry the 8th. Includes American, European, Ancient and British History, as well as info in the world wars.

Business Studies - an up and coming subject. Find out details on companies, marketing, finance etc.

PSRE - also known as Social education this section contains details on our society, growing up, money matters, ethics, religion etc.

Music - listen to some of these interactive resources. Hear the sounds of instruments as they are played, or maybe learn how to play the piano over the internet...

Computers & IT - you are probably sitting in front of one now so a section on IT and how it fits in the National Curriculum.

DT - Resources for Design and Technology

Interactive Revision - we came across these Macromedia enabled websites which cover a number of subjects and are so funky! You can interact with the sites, and see the effect of a tidal wave across the world, or do experiments with sound waves, or do puzzles, or...

Key Stage 1 - a great set of resources for those looking for help for the younger learner.

Key Stage 2 - Specific resources for years 6 and 7.

Key Stage 3 - General resources for Key Stage 3 although many specific resources can be found in the subject areas above.



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