PSRE is often forgotten when it comes to Internet sites - but you still need your resources to complete your homework! Here is our selection of sites to help you with your PSRE homework.

Montage Plus The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational, cultural and scientific relations. New site - new contant - added goodies.

Find out how many calories there are in a Big Mac, or a Whopper... USA site but many familiar items to see how many calories and other food value they have.

Find out the facts on vitamins and minerals. The nutrition dictionary provides a quick rundown of each one and explains what they do - with RDAs.

UK Government - Check out UK Government and Establishment Sites - includes the 'Quango' finder

UK Political Scene - Check out the various offerings from the mainstream political parties.

Government and Politics Links -- Many nice links to governmental and political sites

Political Philosophy and Political Theory -- A great site to view classical, modern and contemporary theorists

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet -- All kinds of great information related to philosophy here

BritKid - a website about race, racism, and life - as seen though the eyes of the Britkids

Learning to be You - an excellent site from the BBC.

Get educated about Money. Young Money is a joint venture between Virgin Direct, Studio Soup and Great Yarmouth High School. The aim of the site is to educate kids about money, so they came up with a game. Thanks to Rob Starkey for the recommendation.

Festivals all across Europe learn about the fisherman's soup festival of Hungary, or what the French get up to on the 8th December...

UK institute for citizenship - Good, active citizenship page

England and Ireland - Human rights centre

World Human Rights

Third world Famine Site

RE on the Web - web resources for teaching and learning

RE sites - take your pick...GCSE RE Site, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Baptists, Methodists, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism

Religion and Society - British History 1700-1900 - a great reference site from sparticus.



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