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Geography seems to be doing well. Duncan suggested CuriculumVisions to us and we agree it has thousands of pages on Geography. It is based around the Curriculum Vision books which are advertised quite openly. But there are plenty of good pictures for projects and lots of revision and resource material.

GeoResources An excellent Geography site aimed at UK students. Do the weekly Geo Quiz - plus find out why the webmaster does not like custard.

Online Gazetteer. Chris Allen has been working late into the night to bring you this excellent site - an online Gazetteer. Information on every country in the world, maps, info, travel, currency, physical features. A one stop shop - well done Chris. We suggest you start here first!

Atlapedia Online contains full colour physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Geo Net Geography resources from the Geography Department at Isaac Newton School. Just do what the monkey says...

The Geography Portal - Online award winning Geography site now with a complete facelift.

Geography Games - Learn geography whilst having fun. Site suitable for key stage 2/3

The Flags Site - Flags from around the world

Flags of Countries - Almost every national flag on the net!

At last the CIA files on every country in the world - I am NOT joking.

Dave Wakefield brings you GeoNet. Project ideas, jokes, links reviews.

Dennis from wanted us to list his site. We are very happy to as it is great! Its billed as 'The Online Community for all Geographers'. Great work Dennis.


Check out volcanoes online - the best volcano site on the Web.

Volcano World provides information about volcanoes around the world. Includes active and historical volcanoes. Details of how eruptions occur, many images and video clips!


Start here for an introduction to the study of rocks, with links to other web resources about rocks and minerals

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science

Need to find a mineral? Search the Mineral Gallery.

Travel in time with the Geological time machine.

Outer Space

Pictures on every planet in our solar system, from NASA. Or try a multimedia tour of the nine planets.


Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Centre Interactive site on recent avalanches plus all kinds of other resources and information.
Scottish Avalanche Information Service Information, reports and forecasts of avalanche activity in Scotland.


Photography by Stormguy Pictures and lots of information from a storm and lightning fanatic. Also includes clouds, tornadoes, storms - lots of pictures and information - well worth a visit. Keep up the good work Dave.


Welcome to Tsunami! Information and lots of links to other tsunami sites.

Pacific Tsunami Museum Good-looking and interesting site dedicated to spreading information about the deadly effects of tsunamis.


National Earthquake Information Centre Comprehensive site run by America's government research and information centre for earthquakes.

Where did todays biggest earthquake occur?


Picture the ocean planet - by the Smithsonian (USA)


Soil Erosion and the role played by forests.

Shifting cultivation and its effect on forests.


More Links

Interactive revision

Check out the Shockwave Geography Page

Weather Watch

UK Weather

The latest from the UK Met Office. Includes Satellite images updated every 6 hours.

Take the Test

A quick Geography test before tea? From Michael Shackleforth. Great stuff!

Hurricane Warning!

The latest information about hurricanes. Includes Satellite images of the Atlantic

Tornado Warning

UK based 'TORRO' organisation fills in the details

Weather Explained

How rainbows are formed. Look at the cloud boutique for pictures and info on clouds.

Virtual Field Trip

Explore Hurricanes, volcanoes, deserts without leaving your home.

What kind of Cloud is that?

Find out what kinds of clouds are which with the cloud boutique

What should I be learning?

Check out what you should be covering in your key stage 3 Geography course.



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