Here is where you can find all the help you will need for your science problems. This page contains some good general sites, and more specialist help can be found for the following areas:

Explore Science - A site that uses macromedia Shockwave to bring you exciting animates experiments. Teachers - download the site to use locally!!! Lets your students do animated experiments on-line! Includes optics, sound, mechanics, basics, waves, electro Magnetism, Astro and Life Sciences. This site is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

The Science guide. This site has resources and assistance on absolutely everything. Go here first!

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Yes yes yes - demos, downloads, help, teachers resources, fun, I mean really FUN!

Science toys to make at home - you must check out this - includes plans for many great experiments. I remember the day we made hydrogen gas using an ice cream tub, a train set transformer, water with a bit of vinegar, and two upturned glasses. When lit it makes quite an explosion. Science is fun when its safe and learned at home (and if your dad gets wet when the hydrogen explodes). Make sure you get a parent or other grown up to help.

The Exploratorium - Try out online exhibits and find out about the museum - Try the amazing Grey Stripes

ScienceNet - a UK based organisation who say that they will answer your science questions (free!!!).

ScienceCentral - a collection of science related links - this site can be downloaded for use on a school intranet.

Ask A scientist - and get an answer!

Virtual Encyclopedia - Search through entire volumes to find what you are looking for.

New Scientist - provides Planet Science an internet resource.

Scientific American

- The leading US Science magazine on the internet.

Discovery Channel Science Search - The satellite station has online resources for you.

Science Reference Desk - glossaries or dictionaries from several scientific disciplines

Science of Timekeeping - Clocks and Watches

Sheppard's Science Resources - Resources from Greg Sheppard. Thanks Greg

Why Files - Science behind the News - You should be asking why.

Science Hobbyist - Amateur Science - links to fun sites.

Science Internet Web Links ... The Science Beat

Science Page - If You are Hooked on Science go here, Includes a special section on resources for teachers.

ScienceDaily - something new every day on how science is all around us.

Science Central - receive personalised e-mails on science news as it breaks!

MAD Scientist Network - talk to the MAD scientists and you may become like them (if you work hard!)

Bad Science - do you believe everything you are told - check out some of the FACTS for yourself.

Forensic Science - in the USA - a great site to tell you what this interesting application of science is all about.

General Science Sites - can't find it here (boy you are list)

NASA/Marshall Space Sciences
Particle Adventure
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Schools online Science


More Links

Interactive Revision

Check out the science Shockwave sites available

Science Search

Try SciSeek a specialist science search.

Science Question of the Week.

A different question (and answer) each week. From NASA.

Do your own experiments at home

Whizz Bang! stuff you can do yourself at home (may need some adult supervision)


Images from the world of the microscope for your science projects.

Practical Science

Build you own robot.

Scientist Info

Enter the name of a scientist, or invention and click for full details.


Science museums and exhibitions around the world



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