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Here is where you can find all the help you will need for your English Language problems. This page contains some good general sites, and more specialist help can be found for the following areas:

Teachers/Students - Free Resources for English Teaching Providing free, printable resources and lesson plans for teachers of English Language and Literature at secondary level. As well as obtaining resources why not make a contribution!

English Teaching in the United Kingdom
- They have a three-star rating from the Encyclopaedia Britannica in the `Best Web Sites' section. A bit like HomeWork Elephant but no elephants and only English.

English Resources UK site with resources available to download and use. Teachers - free downloadable resources!

Big Dog's Grammar - Big Dog has a cool site - now with 'self tests' to see if you actually learned anything.

Darling's Guide to Grammar and Good Writing - Excellent Grammar site - if you get stuck you can always 'Ask Grammar' and she will e-mail you a answer.

Help on writing essays? Does the thought of 'another' essay fill you with fear? Let Kathy Livingston show you how.

English Language- teaching and Learning from the Digital Education network.

WordCentral - A fun grammar and word site for Primary and secondary school pupils

Purdue On-line Writing Lab - Support for English Language - teachers over 130 downloadable resources covering all aspects of writing.

Rensselaer Writing Centre - Plenty of example documents for you to copy the style and presentation. All examples are explained to make things easier.

Word Play - Fun Word Site with plenty to review.

A+ Research and Writing for GCSE and A Level - If you need to do a essay or research paper, this is the place to be!

Helping Your Child Learn to Read - Great resource for parents



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