General Business Resources

Biz/ed- brings you all you need in the way of internet resources for your business studies education. Specifically UK based it includes teacher resources.

Business and Technology Research Library - Online searchable, research library. Info on Company & Industry Info, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, HR, Sciences, Strategy, Telecom, Law... USA based and very comprehensive.

History of Economic thought - entries for all well known economic thinkers with biographies, Adam Smith etc etc...

Companies House Web site - lots of free information regarding UK businesses - name and address live searches with basic company information. Operates Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm BST.

Online company records - our thanks go to carol for this amazing service. Covers UK, Asia and Europe.

Check out UK businesses with Electronic Yellow Pages.

The Oxford school of Learning- is an excellent resource and includes business studies, and economics. Includes exam tips, old papers, and forums for that difficult business studies question.

Business Studies Teachers Association of Ireland- has lots of useful resources, includes past papers.

Business Theory Sites

Company Objectives - just what is a company trying to do - long but contains sections on everything you might need.

Form a Partnership - Expert advice from Partnerships online

Form a Company of your own - these people will do it for you. A useful overview of what is required.

The Marketting Mix

American Demographics - great site from this USA based marketing magazine

The Advertising Association - is a UK federation of 26 trade associations and professional bodies representing advertisers, agencies, the media and support services.

The Marketing Council - exists to help British business increase wealth creation and competitiveness through marketing.

More Links

Spend what?

Check out the History of Money, moolah, cash, spondoolik....

Do the ends justify the means?

See what business ethics has to say about it...



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