IT resources - info, programming, robots, sensors

GCSE IT resources and help. This to help support students with their coursework.

Free Training Courses -No need to regsiter, totally free courses on Microsoft products, Word, Excell, etc, Lotus products, UNIX, Macs, Novell, Internet, Web skills, Graphics, plus many others. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from the site.

DO IT is a free on-line course on Infomation technology. It covers hardware, software, computer languages, networks, internet, developing an information system and the ways in which information can be represented. Its fully searchable, and hyperlinks are available as you progress through the course.

Computer lessons for Kids and small adults - simple lessons on what is a computer and how do they work.

Whats inside my PC? - Explains all about the insides of your PC - has drawings and clear text. More detailed than other sites and quite comprehensive.

The famous whatis site explains all computing terms and components with links to industry sites where appropriate.

Try webopedia - Any PC or technology term explained in English.

Teachers - want a reference site that can be downloaded for use off-line? Free online dictionary - of computing terms.

Are you a computer nerd? Take this test and find out your 'nerd' quotient.

The computer museum from the Museum of Science. Includes online hands-on exhibits. Have a browse through this virtual museum.

History of the internet - a brief run though of how the world wide web came about.

Information systems - their design - how to design an information system

One suggestion is - free Web construction tools.
Another is an interactive HTML tutorial
Another is Dr HTML

Control events - write a simple program

Learn JavaScript with this online interactive tutorial. From zero to hero - and extra examples for the true webmasters out there.

LOGO for windows - FREE!!! - Softtroinics has a evaluation copy of MMLogic, a Multimedia Logic Design System (Win 95) Plus a FREE copy of MSWLogo for windows

Ron Nicholson has FREE Chipmunk Basic and pointers to other Basic programming pages. (Mac is complete - Windows is under development,)

GamesBasic is a game creation package available for free download. It is currently in beta test. Win 95/98.

Doctronics Its the electronics Doctor! Will respond to electronics Queries!

More Links

Reasons for computing

Why do we do this anyway? - Check out the History of the computer from the Abacus to the World wide web.

Social/ethical issues raised by IT

Is computers a man's thing? NOT SO! - Check out the past Notable women in Computing

Create presentations

Learn how to do computer art and create presentations with Silly Billy. Available in Shockwave or regular mode.

Computer models

Check out crocclips - free limited software - build electric circuits and see them work. My sister was making simple circuits when she was 5 - so try this one on your kids!

Search Engine Marketing

SEO services and marketing the future is bright!

Computer Graphs

Java Powered Calculus - provides a JAVA based function grapher.


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