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Here is where you can find all the help you will need for your English Literature problems. This page contains some good general sites, and more specialist help can be found for the following areas:

In the course of Key Stages 3 and 4, pupils' reading should include a number of books from selected authors. The books page has the full list and web help on each author.

Find a specific book - and have it delivered to your door.

Teachers! - Free Resources for English Teaching Providing free, printable resources and lesson plans for teachers of English Language and Literature at secondary level. As well as obtaining resources why not make a contribution!

Children's Literature Web Guide
First rate resources

Years 10 & 11 Literature Sources - A wealth of resources from across the world

Project Gutenberg - Literally (ho ho) hundreds of on-line books - downloadable electronic texts.

The English Literary Web - Renaissance, Victorian, Romantic, Medieval, restoration and modern periods

The Lock Box - Some English Literature resources and some art and photography if you get bored!

My Virtual Desk Reference Literature on the Web - Virtual Encylopedia

Renaissance Texts - includes the King James Bible on-line.

Labyrinth Library: Middle English - An interesting collection of literature including plays and stories.


Encyclopaedia Mythica - Online Myth Encyclopedia! Go here first!

Greek and Roman Gods - the A-Z of Greek/Roman Gods - plus cross referenced electronic texts.

Greek Mythology - Includes quizzes for you

Mythology Links - A resources page on Mythology

Greek Mythology Link - A brilliant mythology link from Brown University

Greek Mythology - from a site in Greece

Myths and Legends - Sorted by country and location - lots of good resources here.

Bulfinch's Mythology - Stories of Gods and Heroes - a site by Thomas Bulfinch




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