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Love Footie - hate schoolwork? - then this is the site for you. Footie Fun is free, fun and a great laugh - Customise your face, get in a team and play some footie!

FunBrain Great site for our Junior surfers - lots of online games to play.

Big Ben! Make your PC sound like Big Ben with this shareware utility.

Inventure Place is where you will Discover the Inventor in you - US based setup by the US patent and trademark office

Check out the new shockwave interactive revision sites, now available for Geography, Maths, Science, Biology, Business Studies, English, History all @

RiddleNut Home to many well known (and some new) riddles - something here to trick your friends.

Algebra - Fun with Calendars how to have fin with calenders, number patterns and tables can bring a boring calender to life!

Just for fun - Get your name translated into Chinese - provides a downloadable desktop walpaper for your PC.

Foam bath fish time

Fun Brain - Educational Kids Games

Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach

Professor Bubbles' Bubblesphere

Solving Rubik's Cube Using the Bestfast Algorithm and Profile tables

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Brain Box?

Just how clever are you? Take the 5 minute IQ test and find out



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Parents WebSite

the DFEE website for parents. Includes sections for inside and outside of school. Well worth a visit.

Ofsted's Site

Find out how your school did in the Ofsted reports (requires adobe acrobat)

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