UK newspapers sites:

The Independent- Broadsheet Daily - known for its photo journalism and fantastic atricle on HomeWork Elephant.

The Times - Updated daily with the latest news.

The Telegraph - Updated daily with the latest news

The Guardian and Observer - Greats site with lots of 'extra' goodies.

The Economist - The international weekly journal of news, ideas, opinion and analysis.

The Daily Mail - On-line version of this popular UK daily. Limited to the IT sections of the paper.

The Financial Times - Share Prices, financial news.Read by more than a million people in over 140 countries worldwide

London Evening Standard - Often has 'late breaking' stories as it is published late in the day.

The Daily Express - Daily newspaper - online version


Helpful Links

NewsPaper Sites

You may have to 'register' for access to most newspaper sites. However you only have to do this once and its free.

Extra Media Sites

UK Journalism site
UK TV stations

What do I do?

Simply follow the instructions on each site you wish to access. You will be asked to provide a user name and a password each time you want access to the site.

News Agencies

The best known news agency is Reuters and their site has a 'news wire' showing the latest breaking stories. Plus you can view the foreign Reuters sites.

Using the Press Association site you can get them to e-mail you the news each day!


Remember that images and text from other sites is usually protected by copyright, and cannot be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the site owner. Most sites have details as to what can be copied and re-used and for what purpose. Private study is often allowed.

Check out the Daily Mail copyright page for a good example.

Check it out before you copy it!



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New Sites

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Parents WebSite

the DFEE website for parents. Includes sections for inside and outside of school. Well worth a visit.

Ofsted's Site

Find out how your school did in the Ofsted reports (requires adobe acrobat)

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